3 Oct 2015 – Light Up Your Life Run & Haze Advisory

We’re pretty excited about the Light Up Your Life run happening later today at East Coast Park, 5pm. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s a charity run that’s a first of its kind in Singapore. Jointly organised by both an animal welfare organisation and a human charity organisation to raise funds, themed “Light Up Your Life”.

We signed up for it thinking it be a great way to not only contribute to Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD) but it be a fun activity for us!

It had long been in the plans to go for a run with Polar but somehow, it just never materialised but it will, today!

With fun packed activities planned, you wouldn’t want to give it a miss. Even if you did not sign up for the run, you can still head down to check out the carnival like activities.


For those who applied but have yet to collect their race packs, you may do so at the event directly but bare in mind that the collection window is only 5 – 7pm, at the SOSD Information Counter located at the Main Carnival area, Big Splash @ East Coast Park. For more details on collection, you can check it out here.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that the haze will subside as the day goes by. Based on the 3-hr PSI reading, the organisers will be adopting the following measures today:


For PSI below 150: The event will proceed accordingly

PSI 151 to 200: 5km & 10km run will be combined into a 5km walk instead. 2km dog walk will proceed. Participants will run at their own discretion, and those who have breathing difficulties/are not feeling well should stop immediately.

PSI above 200: All run activities will be cancelled.

They will be announcing the outcomes on whether the runs will continue at 4pm tomorrow. Please look out for updates via their FB page.

Current PSI reading at 11am is 186. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it goes away by 4pm.

If the run proceeds, please ensure to monitor your dog’s performance during the run. If you identify any signs of breathlessness, restlessness or fatigue, it is recommended to stop. Same goes for yourselves, if you feel unwell, please stop. Also drink lots of water!

Hope to see many of you there haze or not!

Until next time, stay curious!


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