Easy to Make: Dehydrated Veggie Meat Medallions

A little while back, a friend of mine was sharing with me how her lovely pet terrapins refuse to eat vegetables and was wishing there was a way she could get them to take their greens. Her terrapins apparently are great meat lovers, just like most of us.

Seeing that I make dehydrated treats for Polar every now and then, I decided to pick up the challenge to create something with veggies that was not only nutritious and yummy for dogs, but terrapins too!

All the ingredients that you need are:

  1. 200g of your preferred minced meat
  2. Chopped cucumber (approx. 4 – 6 slices of cucumber)
  3. Chopped carrots (approx. 4 baby carrot)
  4. Chopped baby corn (approx. 4 baby corn)
  5. Coconut oil (2 – 4 teaspoons)

I did some research to find out what I could serve my little friends, and it seems like Chicken and Pork are safe bets. Of course they eat most vegetables so I just chopped up some vegetables that I had in the fridge. As for coconut oil, they have positive effects on Terrapins as well, great for skin and shell so it was perfect.

I chose pork as my meat, mixed all the ingredients together and added the coconut oil to bound it all together. After which, using a tea spoon, I shaped them into little balls, and flattened them as I placed them on the dehydrator.


12 – 16 hours later, it will be done once it feels crispy. (My dehydrator is at a fixed lower temperature so may take longer than others)

It’s always good to use kitchen towel to blot off the excess oil from each medallion and it’s done.

Shared some with Polar and the terrapins, and it’s definitely dog and terrapin approved.

Until next time, stay curious!


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