Frozen Treat for Summer Days

Weekends are ever precious. It’s the only time the we finally get to catch up on our sleep debt. However, that also means Polar doesn’t get to do his daily two walks because sleep debt trumps walks!!! Tsk tsk tsk.

In order to make up to him,I decided to research a little on what’s a fun and easy treat to make for Polar to enjoy on hot summer days that we’ve been experiencing of late.
All you really need are 4 items and I must say, it’s a perfect treat for hot days. Tested and stamped with approval by Polar.

1 cup of plain unsweetened yogurt
1 handful of fresh/frozen blueberries
Some cling/microwave wrap
Step 1: Mix the yogurt and blueberries together
Step 2: Wrap the cling wrap on the small opening of the Kong toy to ensure nothing will come out
Step 3: Pour yogurt and blueberry mixture into Kong toy
Step 4: Wrap the cling wrap on the other opening of the Kong toy to ensure it is secured
Step 5: Freeze it!
Step 6: Let your furkid enjoy it on a hot day!
Polar was absolutely glued to the Kong toy, constantly licking and enjoying the cold frozen yogurt. It kept him occupied for at least a good one hour!
How’s that for making up for the lack of walks?

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