Polar’s Picks: Christmas Gift Ideas for Dogs

Christmas is our favourite time of the year as it’s the best excuse to shop, eat and be merry! And now with two dogs, it’s double the celebration!

As the Christmas lights come on on Orchard Road (this year’s blue and silver theme is pretty classy), it’s also time to start thinking about your shopping list for presents. One thing I do dread about this season is the maddening crowd in town doing last-minute shopping. Day and night, all the way till Christmas Eve, stores are packed with rabid shoppers single-mindedly looking to finish their Christmas shopping.

I’ve never been a big fan of crowds, so I nowadays do my shopping online. In the last couple of years, online shopping in Singapore has becomes faster, more convenient and fuss-free, so this year, I decided to go online for EVERYTHING. With that said, we’ve pulled together 12 items you can get online that we think are great gifts for your furfriends and dog owners for Christmas.

1. Barkery’s Turkey Jerky and Stella & Chewy’s Turkey Mixers

Everyone loves turkey over Christmas, and who says the dogs can’t have some turkey too? Let your pooch feel included in the festivities by adding some turkey to their meal times and treats. While I’m loving the festive colours from their packaging, Polar and Luna are loving these add ons to their meals, making it paw-licking good!


2. Wishbone Toys

Hailing from Indonesia, these handcrafted toys are shaped like everyday human belongings and will look hilarious in Christmas photo albums. It’s adorable how some of the toys mimic branded goods often seen in human social circles; Barkin bag, Americanine Express, Sniffany and Co., Koko Chewnel, anyone? We had fun watching Polar and Luna fighting over a “credit card”. Our favourites? We love the “newspaper roll” and the “ringbox”. The newspaper roll makes me feel like I’m a newspaper boy in some American suburb, throwing it for the dogs to catch.



3. WilaaMalin Teepees

This is Polar’s all time favourite chill out spot. It’s not only cozy and comfortable for your dog, but also looks nice around the house. These teepees are handcrafted in the land of smiles – Thailand. It’s ideal for Polar because he has separation anxiety and hiding in a tent with a roof over his head makes him calmer. You can check out our review here and you can now pre-order them easily via this link.


4. Whimzee Natural Dog Chews

It’s always good to give your dog a variety of chews, as chewing helps them to kill time while waiting for you to come home. Whimzee Natural Dog Chews are a great alternative to raw hide and come in super-cute shapes and sizes. Luna takes a long time to get through a chew so it keeps her occupied for a good 30 minutes each time. Polar chomps through this fairly quickly so it becomes more like a treat for him. Currently Nekojam is having a 25% off on these chews and you can get them via this link.



5. Fuzzyard Beds

We’ve been seeing so many people posting about how comfortable these beds are for their dogs, so during the All Bout Canines event in October, I finally succumbed and bought two of these beds as Polar and Luna’s early Christmas presents. Even as a human, I can vouch that they are super comfortable; sometimes I even use it as a head pillow while lying on the floor and watching Netflix.


6. Red Dingo Dog Tags

Dog tags are super important because if you ever lose your dog, the dog tag will be the first form of identification that people can use to find you. Red Dingo offers a huge variety of customisable designs for dog tags, but since it’s Christmas time, the snowflake tag is our pick! Another thing to note is that their dog tags are slightly heavy, but very sturdy. It doesn’t scratch easily, so you can rest assured that it will last you a long time. We wrote about the importance of having a dog tag on your pet, which you can read more about here.


7. ZippyPaws Scarf

I’ve always envied owners of smaller dogs because they get to dress their dogs up as Santas and Santarinas. Since Polar is a medium bordering on large, it’s hard to find clothes that fit, and even if we do, he usually looks wrapped up like a rice dumpling (ba zhang), with his fur puffing out at his neck and his waist, which isn’t the most flattering. If your dog’s got the same issues, we find that scarves look best, making them look regal and majestic. Check this out.


8. Washbar Manuka Soap Bar & Washbar Lavender and Primrose Natural Daily Spritzer

I love Washbar products because they are not only packed with all the good stuff but always make Polar and Luna smell great. Loaded with a blend of Essential oils, their products help ward off fleas and ticks. These two products also contain Manuka honey, which helps alleviate itchy skin and leaves fur with a beautiful sheen. Polar and Luna often play with each other in quite rough manner and they both tend to get scabs on their skin. The Manuka honey helps promote healing of their skin.

Before we used Washbar’s soap bar and spritz, we were also using their drip-on as a non-toxic form of tick prevention; you can read more about our tick experience here.


9. Goood Pet Collars

Making your dog look dapper has never been easier. Bow ties make even the goofiest dogs like Polar look exceptionally dashing. The design we selected for Luna also goes well with her black fur. Now, you can not only look good, but also do good when you purchase these handmade collars. For every one you purchase, pet food gets donated to shelters to help feed our strays.



10. Hagen Dogit: Fresh and Clear Water Fountain

We got this earlier this year for Polar’s birthday, and it’s been a godsend, especially with 2 dogs. The constant supply of fresh water keeps both Polar and Lunar hydrated all day. The fountain came to be especially useful after we moved to a new place and have to leave the dogs on their own during the workday. Even filling up 4 normal water bowls was insufficient for an 8 hour work day. The water fountain holds 6 litres of water, ensuring that they have enough to drink. All you need to do is fill it up every 2 -3 days, and change the filter every 3 weeks.

11. Earth Rated Poop Bags

I never knew what a difference a poop bag could make in a dog owner’s life until I tried these. I used to use the cheap poop bags that I could get on taobao (costs $0.20 each?) and more often than not, they break while we pick up Polar’s poop. The smell also seemed to leak out of the cheap poop bag. The very first time we used this, we were sold. The bags are a good size, and since they’re thick, they don’t rip apart when we rub it on the floor as we pick poop, and they do a great job containing the smell. We’ve never been more loyal to a brand.  You may think this is an odd present to get but believe me, they are worth every cent and will change your life. #imabeliever


12. Outward Hound Fun Feeder

We’ve never needed puzzle feeders for Polar, but Luna absolutely wolfs down her food; sometimes we wonder if she even chews. From the moment we put the food bowl down, she’s done in 10 seconds. This feeder slows down her eating, forcing her to chew more, and therefore it should help her digestion. Luna now takes about 8 – 10 minutes for a meal, and it looks like she’s enjoying the additional challenge during her meal time.

You can see the difference in this short video here!


And those were our 12 top picks for Christmas stocking stuffers for furfriends. You can find all the above items from Nekojam, our favourite place to buy everything dog-related! Here’s why we love shopping at Nekojam:

1. Elegant User Interface

I’ve been to some really poorly-designed websites before and I cannot stress the importance of a simple and clean interface. If the website isn’t properly thought out, chances are, customers will click away. I’m definitely one of those that looks out for a good user experience. Nekojam’s site not only looks good, it’s easy to use, has a good search function and is fun to navigate around.


2. Great Variety of Products

I enjoy browsing through the wide range of products (over 3,000!) ranging from treats to leashes. I’m often spoilt for choice on which treat or toy would be better for Polar and Luna!


3. Great Customer Service

If you ever need to consult with someone about a particular item, just reach out to the Nekojam guru, Maru, via live online chat on the homepage during office hours. After office hours, you can leave Maru a message and she will get back to you as quickly as possible!


4. Free Delivery*

I love free delivery, especially if the min. order is set at only $59, which means technically, I only need to buy 3 bags of treats to qualify! Most online pet shops give free delivery but the min. order can be quite high, and sometimes you just really need those one or two items which don’t amount to that much, and end up having to pay for delivery charge. #notfun

5. Paw Perks Programme

For every dollar you spend on the website, it gives you a paw perk point, which then can be used to redeem discounts on your next purchase. If you want to start the game right, subscribe to Nekojam’s newsletter and you can get 300 bonus paw perks straightaway! You can find out more about their membership here.

What’s more, NekoJam is kindly giving all our readers $5 store credit (with minimum spend of $59) on their next purchase! All you need to do is use the promo code “APOLARXMAS” when checking out and start shopping away!

Happy shopping!

Till next time, stay curious!

 *This items in this post are partially sponsored by Nekojam and its partners.


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