Cool painting of your dog to get

As a dog parent, you probably have lots of pictures and/or customized trinkets with your dog’s face emblazoned all over them. I personally have Polar as my laptop desktop background, so that Polar is always close to me even when I’m at work. Aside from digital images of Polar, I’ve also printed out a few of his cutest photos and stuck them all over my room. It’s just nice to have a physical memento of your furkid, just like in the days of Neoprints and Polaroids.

What if you could take it further, and create ART out of your furkid’s image? I came across the talented Brenton when my colleague introduced his Carousell profile to me. He produces a range of cool stuff from customizable guitar shelves to graphic designs and lots more. He also imports a range of prints on dictionary pages which caught my attention, but there weren’t any specifically for a Japanese Spitz. I decided to contact Brenton to ask if he was able to customize one for Polar, and our journey began.

I sent him one of my favourite pictures of Polar for reference:

A couple of days later, he came back with 4 variations using Photoshop for my selection:

I chose the Pastel Oil Painting style & Retro Dots Comics style. Brenton then set about finding a suitable type of paper to print on to enhance the artwork. The result would be a one-of-a-kind print of Polar.

Oil Pastel Style


Retro Comics Dots Style


Side by side

I can’t wait to frame it up and display it! If you’re interested in getting one for your furry friend, price starts from $20 which includes customisation services, a digital copy of your image, and printing on the magazine paper. You can check him out here. #supportlocal

Until next time, stay curious!


  • July 12, 2015, 10:28 pm  Reply

    So pretty! Gives off a snowy tundra vibe somehow. Haha

  • August 25, 2015, 3:26 pm  Reply

    We love it too. Can’t wait for our own place so that we can have his paintings framed up! We can never get enough of our dogs.

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