Personalised furkid phone covers

Like most dog owners, all my gadgets’ hard drives are filled to the brim with my pet’s photos. Polar is also all over my iPhone’s lock screen, my Macbook’s wallpaper background and even my screensaver.

However, all those images only exist digitally, and so I’ve been looking for a physical representation of Polar to complement them. Specifically, I’ve been looking for a cute cover for my iPhone that features an image of Polar’s breed, the Japanese Spitz, which is not one of the more common dog breeds. All the more popular breeds like Shiba Inu, Beagle, Frenchies, etc are more commonly available as cartoons on iPhone cases, but not the Spitz.

Until now. My friend, Sam introduced me to these designers, Lou & Friends from Thailand. I went through their catalogue, and to my delight, found a phone cover with Japanese Spitz designs! Their designs are going for SGD$25 each, not inclusive of shipping.

Absolutely adorable

However, their Japanese Spitz design didn’t quite resemble Polar (I’ve suspected Polar is a mix of Spitz and Samoyed anyway), so I decided to try their customisation option.

The first thing you need to do is contact the shop owner via their Etsy page or you can also message them via Facebook (which is what I did) to get in touch with them. They do take some time to get back to you, but are generally responsive. Then, it’s a few simple steps:

  1. Provide 8-10 photos of your dog (full body) in various positions with their cutest expressions
  2. Decide what colour case you would like
  3. Decide which illustration style you prefer, which you can refer to on their Instagram account. They have two illustrators in-house; one boasts a more realistic style with solid lines, while the other tends towards more cutesy images (as per the above reference)
  4. Choose if you’ll like your design to be one centered illustration on a plain background, or repeated tiles of the same illustraton, or to have multiple illustrations of your dog in different poses. I chose the last option, and a red background.

The customisation cost is SGD$25 for design, SGD$20 for print, and mailing the iPhone case via registered mail to Singapore will cost SGD$6. In total, I paid SGD$51 for my Polar phone cover. The owner will send you a PayPal link to complete the transaction, and then will commence the illustration. The whole process took around 2 weeks.

I was absolutely thrilled when the first draft of the illustrations came in, looking distinctively him in his favourite blue bandanas.


During the 2nd round, she gave me 3 options to select from against different background colours. I loved them all, but chose the brightest red.

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 12.58.18 pm.png

The finishing touch was to add on Polar’s name, and she gave me 3 options to select from again that fit the look.


I chose the middle font as it felt more whimsical, befitting of Polar’s personality. The design was finally done! All that was left was the printing. Once the printing was done, she sent me a picture but I felt that the illustrations looked slightly pink. I gave my feedback, so she redid it and sent me a new image for approval. It was perfect! I was overjoyed when it arrived in the mail.


It’s mine now!

Even more amazing: one evening, I discovered that the illustrations glow in the dark as well! And it actually has a practical purpose – it’s easier for me to locate my phone in a dark room now.

It was a fun experience customising my own phone cover, so if you’ve been looking to customise one with your furkid’s face, look no further! Lou & Friends are professional, talented, and the best part is that they’ll be in Singapore on 23 -24 April for Public Garden Flea Market at Suntec Convention Hall. If you’re interested, you should contact them now and save that SGD$6 delivery fee by self-collecting when they’re here in Singapore. I also heard that there may be discounts on their usual designs too!

Until next time, stay curious!

P.S: This is NOT a sponsored post. We paid for everything, but just love it so much we had to do a review!

Not letting it go even in sleep ^_^



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