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Our very first dog & human Christmas party
polarthecurious | 19 December

The festive period is upon us again! This year we celebrate our second Christmas with Polar, so we thought it

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Behind the scenes of a dog’s first video shoot
polarthecurious | 3 November

Recently, Polar starred in a YouTube video for the comedy YouTube channel, Ministry of Funny. The concept was for Polar

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3 Oct 2015 – Light Up Your Life Run & Haze Advisory
polarthecurious | 3 October

We’re pretty excited about the Light Up Your Life run happening later today at East Coast Park, 5pm. If you

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Hipster Café-ing with your dog – Sin Lee Foods   
polarthecurious | 28 September

Ever since we got Polar, we’ve frequented a lot of dog cafes, but there’s a limit to the number of

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Stay At Home Activity: DIY Dog Accessory
polarthecurious | 16 September

Singapore is currently facing hazy conditions and will be for at least a couple of weeks. As it is unhealthy

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Our first Dog Hash experience in Singapore – (DASH) #164
polarthecurious | 9 September

We wanted to be adventurous and try something different with Polar, so when we heard about the dog hash, we were

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Places to go with your dog this weekend (5 -6 Sep 2015)
polarthecurious | 5 September

If you’re wondering what to do with your dog this weekend, you’re in luck. There are so many events happening

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Day out at D’Kranji Farm Resort
polarthecurious | 30 August

Adventure Sunday! D’Pet Carnival, a pet carnival, was happening at D’Kranji Farm Resort this weekend. We thought it would be a great idea

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Stay At Home Activity – Nina Ottoson Toys
polarthecurious | 21 August

Sometimes we feel too lethargic or lazy to walk Polar, especially after long days at work. Other times we fall prey

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Dog Cafe – Paw Pet-radise Cafe (CLOSED)
polarthecurious | 13 August

Paw Pet-radise Cafe isn’t a new player to the pet cafe scene. I’m sure most of you have visited it at some

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