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Awesome Walks in Singapore – Upper Seletar
polarthecurious | 30 July

A couple of weeks back, we met up with a friend and her little pooch, a Dachshund mixed Terrier, aptly named

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Cool painting of your dog to get
polarthecurious | 9 July

As a dog parent, you probably have lots of pictures and/or customized trinkets with your dog’s face emblazoned all over them. I personally

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How to Remove Plaque from your Dog’s Teeth with Chinese Herbs
polarthecurious | 5 July

Polar hates getting his teeth brushed. He struggles incessantly, grits his teeth and eats the toothpaste throughout the short 5

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Awesome walks in Singapore – Bay East Gardens
polarthecurious | 17 June

Walking Polar is part of our daily routine. Sometimes it gets boring walking the same routes around the neighbourhood, so

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What to do if you lose your dog in Singapore and how to prevent it
polarthecurious | 9 June

Losing your dog is a nerve-wracking and distressing experience. In 2012, at least two dogs were lost everyday in Singapore,

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How to fight ticks in Singapore
polarthecurious | 25 May

Hello everyone! It’s hot hot hot as usual in Singapore. The constant humidity in Singapore creates the perfect conditions for tick

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Teaching your dog to swim
polarthecurious | 18 May

Singapore has tropical weather all year round, I say it is Summer all year round but it just got a lot

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Easy to Make: Peanut Butter Honey Oat Mini Pupcakes
polarthecurious | 11 May

Happy Monday! We hope all of you had a nice celebration with your Mums for Mother’s Day. Over the weekend, I decided

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Lessons from walks with your dog
polarthecurious | 7 May

Everyday can be an adventure. Everything is unique.  Be mesmerized, amazed and blown away by everything you meet.  Take a

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Frozen Treat for Summer Days
polarthecurious | 20 April

Weekends are ever precious. It’s the only time the we finally get to catch up on our sleep debt. However, that also

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