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Benefits of Agility Training for You and Your Dog
polarthecurious | 12 July
Learning about Agility Training It's always been on our bucket list to do agility training with our dogs. For those
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Our experience bringing home a second dog
polarthecurious | 4 November

We recently welcomed a new addition to our family – Luna, a beautiful black puppy from the folks at Exclusively Mongrels.

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Choosing the right chew for your dog (EXCITING CHEWTIME GIVEAWAY at the end!)
polarthecurious | 27 August

Looking for the right chew for your dog? We share tips on finding the best chew for your dog which are natural chews from ChewTime.

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Planning Polar’s 2nd Birthday Party
polarthecurious | 12 January

How time flies! During Polar’s 1st year, we only knew a few other dog owners, so we kept his birthday celebration fairly simple

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Our very first dog & human Christmas party
polarthecurious | 19 December

The festive period is upon us again! This year we celebrate our second Christmas with Polar, so we thought it

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Stay At Home Activity: DIY Dog Accessory
polarthecurious | 16 September

Singapore is currently facing hazy conditions and will be for at least a couple of weeks. As it is unhealthy

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How to Remove Plaque from your Dog’s Teeth with Chinese Herbs
polarthecurious | 5 July

Polar hates getting his teeth brushed. He struggles incessantly, grits his teeth and eats the toothpaste throughout the short 5

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What to do if you lose your dog in Singapore and how to prevent it
polarthecurious | 9 June

Losing your dog is a nerve-wracking and distressing experience. In 2012, at least two dogs were lost everyday in Singapore,

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How to fight ticks in Singapore
polarthecurious | 25 May

Hello everyone! It’s hot hot hot as usual in Singapore. The constant humidity in Singapore creates the perfect conditions for tick

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