Awesome Walks in Singapore – Coney Island
polarthecurious | 28 May
New Adventures! We've been wanting to make a trip to Coney Island (also known as Pulau Serangoon) since it opened
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Awesome Walks in Singapore – Gardens By The Bay: Christmas Wonderland
polarthecurious | 26 December

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Gardens By The Bay has always been one of our favourite places to walk with the furries.

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POV of Polar playing frisbee
polarthecurious | 27 June

Frisbee is a pretty new thing for us and we decided to strap the GoPro to capture our learning journey.

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Awesome Walks in Singapore – Springleaf Nature Park
polarthecurious | 13 June

Following from our visit to Verdure Cafe, we decided to explore the park it was situated at. Little known to

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POV of Polar playing fetch
polarthecurious | 12 June

Have you ever wondered what playing fetch is like from a dog’s point of view? See what Polar sees when

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Lazarus Island in 360 VR! – Awesome Dog Walks in Singapore
polarthecurious | 15 May

Last weekend, we spent a beautiful morning with a bunch of other furkids at Lazarus Island. Pristine white beaches, serene walks

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Planning Polar’s 2nd Birthday Party
polarthecurious | 12 January

How time flies! During Polar’s 1st year, we only knew a few other dog owners, so we kept his birthday celebration fairly simple

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Polar’s Birthday Workshop!
polarthecurious | 5 January

We’re very happy to announce that we’ll be having our first ever workshop to learn how to make something useful

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Our very first dog & human Christmas party
polarthecurious | 19 December

The festive period is upon us again! This year we celebrate our second Christmas with Polar, so we thought it

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3 Oct 2015 – Light Up Your Life Run & Haze Advisory
polarthecurious | 3 October

We’re pretty excited about the Light Up Your Life run happening later today at East Coast Park, 5pm. If you

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