Adopting a Singapore Special from Exclusively Mongrels

As some of you would know, we recently had a new addition to our family, a beautiful black puppy, Luna (previously named Chips) from the folks at Exclusively Mongrels. Having Polar has been such a wonderful experience so far that we decided that we were ready to share our love with another furry one and we took a leap of faith.We always knew that the next dog we got, it had to be a Singapore Special because every dog that gets adopted, another dog gets saved. We already had all the supplies and some experience from having Polar, how bad can it be right?

Luna was part of a litter of 9 who were caught in Changi and sent to the AVA to be culled. Going to AVA generally means they would be put down, so it’s a death sentence. Thank goodness the rescue groups rushed in to save the day, and bailed them out. Exclusively Mongrels took 6 from the litter, however, they didn’t have a good start and most of them had diarrhoea and 2 actually had parvovirus which is a life threatening illness for dogs.

Eila and Raphael who already have 2 kids and 2 beautiful dogs, and a black cat, very kindly took in Luna and her two siblings (also black) for fostering, even though they knew it would most likely disrupt their current family schedules, and upset the mechanics of the existing pack. However, they also knew that if they didn’t, these pups may not survive. The whole family went full throttle into saviour mode, working together to help each other out, and eventually managed to nurse all of the pups back to health. Within a month and a half, the little ones were fully recovered, energetic and digging around. They sacrificed not only their time, living space and even their garden.

(Picture Credits: Yvonne Loh for Exclusively Mongrels)

When we first went to view Luna, we fell love at first sight (well, I did). We had brought Polar along for the first viewing and Eila welcomed us with open arms. Kevin and Jason from Exclusively Mongrels took the time to join us, to visit the dogs, Eila and also to get to know us, the potential adopters. From the chat, I understood that Exclusively Mongrels are a group of very passionate dog lovers. They vet potential adopters very carefully, to ensure that every dog that goes to a new home, goes to a loving home. They are very patient and when we faced some issues in bringing Luna home, they gave us time to work out a solution and was very encouraging throughout the process.

I can’t remember what it was like to have a puppy, as the last time I had one, I was still a child. It’s going to be a steep learning curve for all of us, including Polar. Stay tune for updates on our new adventure together with Luna with Polar.



Thanks Kevin, Jason and Eila & Family for saving our new little bundle of joy.

Until next time, stay curious!



  • Victoria
    October 15, 2016, 9:40 am  Reply

    Awesome. Its folks like u that makes all our painful rescue sacrifices worth every drop of blood, sweat and tears. Thank u for being such a proactive part of e champion circle of dog rescue lovers. Prayin for a loving fam like u to come for my Tomi and Yoshi soon. Yours victoria p.s. ToYo says hi to Polar and Luna.

    • polarthecurious
      October 18, 2016, 7:04 am

      Hey Victoria,
      Someone commented on my blog post and is looking to adopt a dog. I gave them your email address, I hope you don’t mind. Maybe they can give ToYo a home!

  • Ganna
    October 18, 2016, 1:13 am  Reply

    Hello! My husband and I are looking into adopting a dog. We are looking for a puppy,but also considering older dogs. Please let me know when we can come for viewing

    • polarthecurious
      October 18, 2016, 7:03 am

      Hi Ganna!
      Thanks for stopping by our blog. Our dogs are not up for adoption but you may look for the kind folks from Exclusively Mongrels at

      Also, you can look for Victoria whom has two beautiful puppies that are slightly older up for adoption. You can contact her here:

      Good luck in your search for the perfect one!

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