Ah B Cafe’s 2nd Birthday Party and Xmas Party

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZgQneUOOaA]

We had a lot of fun at Ah B’s 2nd birthday party celebration which was also a Christmas party for the dogs. It’s Luna’s first Christmas with us so we were quite thrilled to take her out to experience the world.

The party was great, lots of food for both the humans and the dogs, and lots of prizes to give away. The prize that most of us were aiming for was the staycation at Capella where you can bring your pooch! Unfortunately, our table was the only table that didn’t win anything.

Nevertheless, it was great fun hanging out with the cool kids – @sillyskippydoo, @somewhitecookie, @samforest_loolim, @mangothesheltie

Check out our vlog here:


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