Brunch with Style: Club Street Social

The first question we ask when deciding where to go for brunch: is the place dog friendly? A lot of new places have opened up recently but most of them are often packed to the brim with people, which make them less than ideal for a relaxing brunch.

Tucked away in the midst of CBD area, Club Street Social, while neither new nor known for their brunch, is usually insanely crowded on weekday nights with people sipping cocktails. However, on a lovely weekend morning, it gave us the much needed space, quiet time and surprisingly great food.

We called beforehand to check if they would be able to accommodate us with our dogs and were greeted with much enthusiasm; they love dogs but we would have to be seated outdoors.

As the place was fairly quiet, we had the whole outdoor area to ourselves. The waiter brought out iced water for us and the doggies to keep us all cool.

The brunch menu is quite extensive, and we ordered 3 different mains to give it a try. 

I had Soft Scrambled Eggs with additional bacon on the side. I loved that they added chives on top of the scrambled eggs, subtly enhancing the flavour. Paired with toasted sourdough bread and bacon, it was a match made in heaven. Something so simple yet so tasty. 

Rob ordered the Braised Lamb Hash, which was tender and flavourful, and paired with little cubes of hash and two sunny side ups. When he mixed in the yolks, it was an explosion of different flavours.

Heidi ordered the Sicilian Baked Eggs which was packed with lots of cheese, tomatoes and spinach. The eggs were soft and wobbly!! Oh the eggs~ I look forward to trying this myself the next time we visit.

And they serve good coffee too. The next time you’re thinking of heading out for brunch with your dogs, give Club Street Social a ring, you might just be in for a good treat.


5 Gemmil Lane
Tel: 6225 5043
Opening Hours:
Weekdays: 10am – 12mn (Mon-Wed), 10am – 1am (Thurs-Fri)
Weekends: 11am – 1am (Sat), 11am – 4pm (Sun)

For now, I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Until next time, stay curious!


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