Awesome Walks in Singapore – Coney Island

New Adventures!

We’ve been wanting to make a trip to Coney Island (also known as Pulau Serangoon) since it opened in 2015, but decided to wait for the hype to die down so that we don’t have to jostle with the thousands of humans.

Coney Island is located in the North-East part of Singapore.  There are two entrances, the West entrance is next to Punggol Promenade Nature Walk while the East entrance is located at Lorong Halus. You can choose to walk into the park or cycle – we chose to cycle. There are a couple of bike rental places situated around Punggol, and with the recent boom of bike share services, you should have a lot of options. However, we wanted to have a bicycle with a dog carriage so that we could ferry the dogs like royals (or sacks of potatoes).

We rented our bicycles at Jomando Adventure & Recreations, which is located at The Punggol Settlement.

They have two types of bicycles that come with carriages – tricycle with a makeshift (in my opinion) carriage and another with a proper child carrier. We were informed that with dogs, we are only allowed to take the tricycle with the makeshift carriage as the other option is reserved for real children. I have nothing against children but my furkids are real children to me too!

My husband and I rented a bike each. Him with a normal bicycle that comes with a basket, and me with the tricycle + carriage. We paid $44 for 2 hours in total, which came with 1 free hour.

Here’s them looking all cute and snug in the tiny carriage before we started our journey in Coney Island.

Coney Island is beautiful and feels unscathed by the concrete jungles of Singapore. We enjoyed the peaceful morning amongst the trees. Watch the video to see it through our eyes.

Things to note on your visit to Coney Island:

  1. If you are choosing to rent a bicycle with carriage, we recommend going as early as possible as the rental shop only has 4.
  2. Visiting Coney Island in the morning is cooler (it starts to get unbearably hot by 11am) but it also means it will be slightly busier as compared to the afternoon
  3. For humans, it is recommended to cover arms and legs or use insect repellant as there are a lot of insects in Coney Island
  4. Please bring cold water for you and your dogs! There aren’t any drink points or shops in the island so what you bring is all you have. It gets very warm for the dogs even if they just sit in the carriage.

Until next time, stay curious!


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