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Most of you probably already know of the online pet shop Nekojam; we get most of Polar’s supplies from them. However, having spent some time getting to know the founder, Debrah, it’s so much more than a pet shop to us now.

We first got to know of Nekojam about 2 years ago, when we were new to the pet community, and were looking for pet food online. Our first impression of this online pet shop was that they must really love cats, because their name contains the Japanese word for “cat”, and they even have a cute cat mascot on their page providing Q&A service.

Nekojam has a large variety of pet products (like over 3,000!) stocked in their shop, for small pets, big pets, and even reptiles! It’s a definite one stop shop for us, although we don’t have reptiles yet (I hope to expand my animal family in the near future, but that will have to wait). Apart from the large variety of products, the Nekojam team also reviews new products regularly. If it isn’t up to standard or approved by their own pets, chances are they won’t launch the product.

I met Debrah, the boss of Nekojam, when they organised a dog beach party, Sun Soakers, last May. It’s uncommon for a pet shop to host events where the sole purpose is for fur parents and dogs to interact and have fun, especially since organising big events is a logistical nightmare (trust me – I organised my own wedding recently, so I know). Polar had heaps of fun; we caught it all on a video you can watch here.

To me, the Sun Soakers event was an example of how Debrah and her team are dedicated to making Nekojam more than just an online pet shop; in my conversations with her, I’ve discovered that building lifelong relationships with their customers is part of their philosophy, and in our case, friendships too. They hope to build a community for animal lovers in Singapore; besides events, they’ve also set up a Facebook group, “Friends of Nekojam” to encourage pet owners to share their experiences, advice, and to learn best practices from each other.

Remember when I mentioned that they really love cats? It turns out that Debrah will be launching a new cat boarding hotel called “Nekoya“! I’ve never really noticed cat boarding services before (probably because I’m not the target market) but if it’s the brainchild of Debrah and her team, I believe they will apply the same philosophy to Nekoya, which is good news for cat lovers! In Debrah’s own words:

“Pet parenthood is a journey, as well as a lifestyle we choose. As a result of that choice, our pets’ health and well-being should always be the priority. That’s what takes center stage in all our decisions, at least. That’s why we wanted to create a safe and comfortable environment for cats that their owners can feel assured and entrust them with us.”

– Debrah, Nekojam

Nekoya will be first cat exclusive boarding hotel located within a shopping mall, and I heard that the decor of the place is inspired by Japan’s countryside living. I’ve always been a big fan of Japan, and just hearing about this cat hotel makes me wish I was a cat already. They start taking reservations from November onwards, and if you’re a cat owner, I highly recommend you check them out!

Until next time, stay curious!
[Disclosure: Nekojam now sponsors pet supplies for Polar. Prior to that, we used to buy from them. We embarked on this partnership with Nekojam because we believe that our values are aligned; being authentic and creating great content. Even with a sponsorship, we are never obliged to give a good review for anything that Polar doesn’t like.]
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Thank you Nekojam for being so special to us!


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