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We are quite blessed that Polar isn’t a very picky eater and generally eats everything we put in front of him, even just plain kibbles. Recently however, he’s begun nudging at his bowl, signalling that he wanted something more. We tried to add vegetables and fruits to make his meal more appetising, but the nudging continued.

Having heard much about how feeding raw to your dog can do wonders, we’ve always wanted to give it a try. I would prefer to prepare the meals myself and give Polar the freshest food possible to avoid any complications, but work and life have been too busy! So you can imagine how intrigued we were when we caught wind of Stella & Chewy’s Dehydrated Raw, which would be a simple addition to Polar’s daily kibbles but would also have the same benefits as a raw diet. The folks at Nekojam provided some samples of Meal Mixers – Chewy Chicken for us to try, and we decided to see if Polar would like it.

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Some information of the product that we tried: it is 100% made in USA, contains 95% of raw free range chicken, with organs and bone, and the remaining 5% are fruits and vegetables. It’s also enhanced with probiotics and anti-oxidants making it a win-win meal topper for Polar. The packaging is resealable and comes with a scoop with easy directions. As Polar is a medium sized dog, he gets 2 scoops of it on top of his kibbles. The funny thing is that I took a whiff of it and it smells like delicious chicken floss!

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We can normally tell how much Polar looks forward to a particular treat by how well-behaved he is while waiting for it to be served. As you can tell, he was really cooperative for our photos!

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Polar wolfed down his meal almost immediately. His digestive system also took it well, and his stools look normal. We also tried using it as a full meal by mixing it with two table spoons of water; it left Polar yearning for more and he licked the bowl dry!

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We’ll definitely add the meal mixer as a staple and perhaps in future, might consider switching fully to the Dehydrated Raw Dinner Patties.

Thanks to Nekojam for the samples. If you’re keen to give it a try, you can pre-order yours now from this link. There’s free shipping and orders will arrive first week of August!

Until next time, stay curious!

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