Rosehip Supplements for Dogs: Yay or Nay?

Rosehip Supplements for Dogs – Yay or Nay?

As we age, all humans will suffer from some joint problem or another, and it’s the same for dogs. More so for Polar’s Japanese Spitz breed, where Luxating Patella can be hereditary.

Polar: You mean this could happen to me??
Luna: That’s what happens when you’re a pure breed. Perks of being a mixed dog, I’m super healthy! =P

What is Luxating Patella?

Also known as “floating kneecap”, it is a condition commonly found in dogs whereby the patella (kneecap), dislocates or moves out of its normal location. It generally occurs in smaller dogs, but it can also happen to cats and humans too. We’ve encountered several Spitz that suffer from this issue, and even though Polar is healthy now, we want to take as many precautions to ensure his joints remain as healthy as possible.

I’ve also suffered from knee pains since the age of 20, so I decided to look into what kind of supplements we can both take to aid or prevent joint issues in both human and dog as we grow old together. The most commonly known supplement (for humans at least) for joint issues is glucosamine, which essentially is amino sugar which occurs naturally in the fluid around our joints. I’ve always had concerns about taking too much of it due to the fact that it can raise blood sugar levels and cause weight gain, so I did some research and came across “Rosehip”.

What is Rosehip?

Rosehip is part of the fruit that grows on the blossom of a wild rose called “Rosa canina”. It is said that rosehip is packed full of Vitamin C and other antioxidants, making it a great immunity booster; it also contains galactolipid substance, which is a more effective treatment for osteoarthritis (protective cartilage between joints wearing down) for humans. Seeing that luxating patella can eventually lead to the erosion of the cartilage on the femur for dogs, Rosehips should work the same for dogs as with humans. I figured that Rosehips could be a good supplement for both of us, not only boosting our immune system but also to strengthen our joints.

How the Rosehip fruit looks

The first brand we tried was Rose Hip Vital. We came across their booth during the Pet Expo in 2016 and they have products for both humans and dogs. This was the biggest investment I had ever made for Polar and myself.

For dogs, there’s only one format – powder form while for humans, there are two options to choose from, powder or capsules. I chose capsules for myself because it is much easier to consume.

We took these supplements for a year and after one year, when I calculated how much we had spent, I got a bit of a shock. You can see from the chart below, how I’ve calculated how much it would cost for your dog and yourself for 12 months. I’ve highlighted the costs that we bear in red.

For 12 months, we had spent $839 on both Polar and I! I don’t know about you but I thought it was really expensive!

Apart from how expensive it is, the other main issue about putting this on Polar’s food was that although it smells nice, it made his food really dry and powdery especially in the first 3 weeks of loading. Even after mixing oils into it to make it less dry, Polar didn’t quite enjoy eating it and it stains his mouth to a slight orange (#whitedogproblems).

Eventually for both myself and Polar, I reduced the dosage by half as it was too difficult for me to swallow that many pills a day, and I wanted Polar to continue eating his food instead of nudging at his bowl incessantly.

Polar: I don’t want to eat it..

After we completed this, I started looking for cheaper alternatives not because it wasn’t good but because it was really burning a hole in my pocket. We then switched to a human grade Starwest Organic Rosehips powder that I purchased off iHerb which we could both share. It was a much lower price point – about $21 for a 458 gram bag without shipping and it came with great reviews The suggested dosage for this one was much more manageable, at ¼ tsp for humans which we can mix it in our drink or food. I halved the dosage for Polar. The powder from iHerb was much smoother than the Rose Hip Vital (Sorry I didn’t take a photo for comparison).

It’s not easy to buy though – it’s top-selling item and is often out of stock. With both of us sharing it, we depleted our stocks pretty quickly.

Look at how fine and smooth the powder is

I was browsing Nekojam for some alternatives and found Grau and requested to try it out.

Introducing Grau Rosehip Fines

Grau is a German pet food brand that produces supplements to complement your pet’s diet and have been around for more than 25 years. Unlike the other two brands I mentioned earlier, this one comes in fines, which looks like dried seeds or flowers. When I first opened it, I was overwhelmed by how good it smelled! It smells even better than the other two powder forms and makes me feel like this could be more concentrated and potent.

The dosage is also much more manageable than Rosehip Vital without any loading period:

We feed Polar 1 teaspoon a day and Polar eats it easily because it doesn’t feel dry on his food as it is like seeds, kind of like us eating chia seeds. Price point is $28 at Nekojam for a 100 gram bottle, world of a difference with Rose Hip Vital so this makes it a more economical choice. One bottle can definitely give me about 55 teaspoons (I counted manually when I first opened it but this is based on my own estimation). If I calculate how much I need for 12 months, about 7 bottles will come up to $196 which makes it much cheaper than Rose Hip Vital.


We probably won’t know if this supplement will work till Polar gets much older but since we started on Rosehip, Polar hasn’t fallen sick even when exposed to multiple dogs whenever we go out. As for me, I’m generally more sickly but since taking Rosehip supplement, I don’t catch the flu as often as I used to and my knees don’t feel as achy whenever it rains, so it’s definitely a YAY for us!

We’ll definitely continue on our rosehip supplements; me on iHerb powder and Polar on Grau rosehip fines. Although it works out to be more expensive for Polar but I always believe in giving him the best I can within my own means. Here’s hoping we will grow old together and stay active forever!

You can get the Grau Rosehip Fines from Nekojam here.
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Until next time, stay curious!


*Rosehip Vital products were purchased by us
*Starwest Organics products were purchased by us
* One bottle of Grau Rosehip Fines were sponsored by Nekojam



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