Tokyo Shopping Haul for Dogs

Shopping for your dog in Tokyo – Tokyu Hands, Pet Paradise

I recently visited Tokyu Hands at Shibuya, Tokyo, and discovered one entire floor that was selling nothing but pet items! It was called Pet First, and boy, did it feel like paradise to me! I was marvelling at the selection (and the prices) as I went through the rows and rows of unique food and apparel for pets.

As most dogs in Japan are generally small (think Chihuahuas, Pomeranians and Poodles), dressing up your dog is a norm, and especially so because they have 4 seasons! There was an elaborate selection of clothes for all sizes of animals, and some of the designs were exquisite! As Spring is round the corner, the apparel they stocked had a rather Spring/Summer Hawaiian feel to it.

I wanted to buy some shirts for Polar and Luna, but each shirt costs 3,500 yen, which comes up to a shocking SGD46.66 after tax! That’s the price of human clothes! I settled for some cute hats instead that cost 1,500 yen each (SGD20 after tax). I loved the detailing on the hats; even down to the wording on the hats, “Everyday Holiday”. I feel that this phrase perfectly encapsulates our dogs’ lives – a perpetual holiday! I’m so envious, but someone’s got to work to earn the money to buy cute things, right?

There was also a large variety of food items; some of which looked so appetising that I thought they were for humans! Waffles, tiny croissants, shishamo – but all for dogs! There were also a lot of sweet potato treats since it’s considered local produce. Sweet potatoes are great for a dog’s digestive health because they’re high in dietary fiber. They’re also low in fat and contain vitamin B6, vitamin C, and manganese.

Being the land of the “Wagyu” (Japanese Beef), beef snacks were in abundance. I bought several moo hooves for the doggies to chew as they were slightly cheaper than in Singapore (yes, I’m sometimes quite an auntie), at 320 yen (SGD3.60).

Yummeh beef snacks!

There was a lot of fish snacks as well, and I couldn’t resist buying a bag of Shishamo Fish snacks at 1,760 yen (SGD21.70).  

By the time I was close to done, I was shocked to find that I had already spent a couple of hours there! I had completely lost track of time while marvelling at the selection of treats and clothes. But a bigger shock was to come: when I checked out at the cashiers, I realised I had racked up a bill of 12,000 yen (SGD148) just on stuff for Polar and Luna!! While most girls spend a fortune on cosmetics and food in Japan, I ended up spending the most money on stuff for my 2 dogs.

If you’re ever in Shibuya and want to do some shopping for your dogs, I highly recommend dropping by Tokyu Hands; it has something for everyone! Take a 7 minute walk from the Shibuya Station and get lost in the large Tokyu Hands!

Address: 12-18 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Pet First is on 6C floor

Until next time, stay curious!


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